And God said, "Billy!"


Best-selling author Frank Schaeffer, who the New York Times called “the reluctant, wayward, traitorious prince” of evangelical Christians has created a darkly comic coming-of-age story that shares many ingredients with his real life biography. Set in the 1980’s, the book’s protagonist, Billy, is a fundamentalist Christian who feels called to go to Hollywood to make “God’s movie.” While doing so, Billy stumbles into making a soft-porn slasher picture in apartheid Africa, justifying compromise along the way by claiming to be directed by God.

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I can’t tell you what a thrill it was to have Frank Schaeffer attend one of our monthly book club meetings. His book, “Sex, Mom, and God…..” was recommended to me by a Frank Schaeffer fan.   I presented the book to my club, with the hopes that maybe we could contact Frank and invite him to our meeting to discuss the book. As luck would have it, I was able to obtain contact information for Frank and ask him about attending our meeting. He couldn’t have been more accommodating, and graciously accepted the invitation.

Frank seemed genuinely excited about attending!After reading the book, we were all anxious to hear Frank speak about his upbringing and experiences, most of which were so different from any of our own. We were especially anxious to hear about his Mother, Edith, whom the memoir is centered around.  Frank spoke to us with an openness and sincerity that was enlightening. He gave us a lot to ponder about politics and religion, and presented a unique perspective that many of us had never given a second thought to. It made you realize the seriousness of the impact that religion has on politics, both then and now.

Hearing Frank speak was interesting and enlightening. His recollection of childhood memories was funny and entertaining. His love for his mother, wife, children and grand children comes through loud and clear. He gave the members of our club an opportunity to talk and think about issues, both old and new, that are not usually on our radar, but are now something we think and talk about regularly. We are all looking forward to reading more from Frank, with the hopes that we get to sit down with him again real soon.

– Cathy Mamakos, Reader

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